End of lease cleaning


General cleaning throughout the home (all rooms)

  • Remove any marks from walls, doors, ceilings and all switches. Fingerprints and/or hand marks can often remain in certain light if not cleaned thoroughly
  • Clean all light fittings, ensuring any insects are removed from inside and that the outside is free of marks, grease and dust. Be careful when removing light fittings, as some can be difficult to remove if not touched in some time
  • Clean and remove dust from all ceiling fans
  • Clean curtains and blinds, ensuring they are returned to the same condition as indicated on the in going condition report
  • Clean and remove dust from all skirting boards, window sills, tops of doors, and above cupboards
  • Vacuum clean all window tracks and sliding door tracks to remove dust and insects
  • Sweep or mop all non-carpeted floors, ensuring no marks or stains (including drying marks) remain
  • Ensure carpet is professionally cleaned, allowing for fair wear and tear 
  • Ensure cleaning is completed behind and underneath all furniture
  • Ensure all wardrobes, drawers, shelves, and cupboards are clean
  • Clean all mirrors and ensure they are free from streaks
  • Remove cobwebs and any marks left by insects
  • Clean all air conditioners and filters

Kitchen cleaning

  • Clean all cupboards and doors inside and out, ensuring no stains or crumbs remain
  • Clean the stove top, being sure no stains or burn marks remain around heating elements
  • Clean oven glass inside and out, removing any marks or spatters
  • Clean inside and outside of the oven and grille, including racks and trays
  • Ensure the walls and floor around refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave areas are clean
  • Clean tap-ware, sink, drains and plugs
  • Clean the range hood body and remove and clean the filter
  • Remove dust and greasy build up on exhaust fans

Bathroom cleaning

  • Clean the toilet/s
  • Clean the bath
  • Clean the basin and all tap-ware
  • Clean the shower recess
  • Ensure no hair or soap build up remains in shower or bath drains
  • Remove built up soap scum and any signs of mold on tiles and shower screens
  • Bleach clean shower curtain or replace if required
  • Ensure towel racks are clean
  • As with other rooms, ensure walls, floors, mirrors, windows, window tracks, cupboards and drawers are cleaned thoroughly

Laundry cleaning

  • Ensure the washing machine is free of marks and detergent
  • Clean behind and around the washing machine space
  • Remove lint from the dryer
  • Clean behind and around the dryer space
  • Clean the laundry tub and cabinet
  • Ensure all tap-ware is clean
  • As with other rooms, ensure walls, floors, windows, window tracks, and any cupboards are cleaned thoroughly

Outdoor areas, verandah and deck cleaning

  • Remove all cobwebs and any marks left by insects
  • Sweep and/or mop
  • Clean all railings and glass

Lawns and gardens

  • Ensure the lawn is neatly mow and all edges are trimmed
  • Ensure any weeds are removed from all gardens
  • If there is a pool, ensure the pool is returned to the condition indicated on the in going condition report

Driveway, garage and carport cleaning

  • Sweep the area 
  • Remove webs and any marks left by insects
  • Remove any oil drips from garage floor, path and/or driveway, ensuring returned to the condition noted on the ingoing condition report

Garbage removal

  • Ensure general rubbish is placed in council bins provided
  • Larger or non-general waste to be removed from the property
  • If vacating prior to the next garbage collection, ensure the bins are placed road-side for the next collection​

Furnished properties

  • Ensure all inclusions noted on the inventory list at the commencement of the lease are returned to their original location 

Cleaning after pets

  • Ensure all pet mess is removed from lawns
  • Remove any pet toys and debris from the yard
  • Ensure condition of the yard is returned to its original condition
  • Ensure hair is removed from security screens
  • Ensure sliding doors are thoroughly cleaned of hair and marks
  • Hair and oils from pets can discolor concrete such as on alfresco / patio areas – ensure any such marks are removed, pressure cleaning if required
  • Ensure there are no marks or hair on walls or curtains
  • Refer to your lease regarding your requirements around professionally cleaning carpet and/or fumigating for fleas
  • Consider whether a deodorizer may be required
  • Ensure the property receives plenty of natural ventilation prior to vacating​

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